International credit management & factoring

Open sessie (Salons Waerboom, Groot-Bijgaarden)

Gaat door op: 12 oktober 2017


15h30 welcome with coffee

16h00 "Challenges in international credit management"
                Case study
                Sven Lampey, CEO, Synegis

17h15 Break

17h30 "International collections insights"
                Jens Hoter, CEO, Eurofactor GmbH

18h30 Drink


Sven Lampey, CEO, Synegis

 Synegis emerged from the acquisition of Ferro Belgium by Synegis Holding in 2016. Ferro Belgium was a division of Monsanto and is active in the chemical industry, producing dibenzoates. Synegis exports 90% of its production to 27 countries (both European and non-European).

Jens Hoter, CEO, Eurofactor GmbH

Eurofactor GmbH remains among the top factoring companies in Germany, in national and international factoring business. In import factoring, Eurofactor is responsible for collection and coverage of receivables on European debtors for non European factoring companies in the international factoring network IFG-FCI. Eurofactor shares its experience in international collections with you during this session.


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