Aon Credit International

International network

Working through our partner and co-shareholder, Aon, CRiON is able to call on the resources of the extensive international network of Aon Credit International, Aon’s specialist business unit for credit management services. Our staff also have the experience required to set up and manage international insurance programmes for multinational companies.

Within the Aon Group, the specialists working in credit insurance and credit management combine their expertise in the Aon Credit International business unit, of which CRiON is the Belgian arm. If an ACI office in another country is the leading broker in a credit insurance programme for a multinational, then we act as the servicing broker for the Belgian subsidiaries of that company.

Aon Credit International

International credit insurance programmes customised for you

Conversely, CRiON acts as leading broker for Belgian multinationals, in which case we negotiate with credit insurers about the group policy. Foreign branches of companies can also call on the services of a local Aon Credit International office to assist them as their service broker.
We operate on behalf of several Belgian multinationals, providing support both for the Belgian parent company and their foreign subsidiaries in managing the international insurance programmes developed for them by us. Our multilingual staff have a great deal of experience in setting up and managing group policies, as well as developing customised international credit insurance programmes for them. We also support all of the staff at these companies – wherever they happen to be in the world – with policy training, credit limit enquiries, claim settlements, etc.

For a confidential summary of our international references, please call our advisers on (+32) (0)9 244 62 62.