Credit management Think Tank

New ideas for credit insurance

Credit management Think Tank

The economic crisis has brought many of the sore points of credit insurance product to the fore. We are aware that the real world has changed significantly over the past decade and that the credit insurance product is ripe for a revamp. And because we believe that creative new ideas are possible in the field of credit insurance, we have set up a think tank.

The aim of the think tank is to come up with creative and innovative solutions in credit management and credit insurance.

Innovation not only requires knowledge, but also calls for enterprising and creative people capable of working together to bring their ideas to fruition. As part of that process, every idea that comes from the various disciplines and functions of the industry has to be held up to the light and examined.

Composition of the think tank

  • 10 to 15 participants
  • People from the business world, as well as from the provider side
  • Participants from the academic world

We take a close look at needs of life today in the business world.

Based on these needs, we develop creative and innovative solutions and then test them in terms of the provider side, developments in the reinsurance market, IT possibilities, etc. until in the end we arrive at practical recommendations in the short and medium term.

Your ideas
The Credit Management Think Tank needs your input. That’s why we call on all trade credit professionals to provide our think tank with material and ideas and hence work on the future of credit management. Your ideas are always welcome at: