Goals & strategy

Holistic approach and innovation

Goals & strategy

Our goal is focused on improving your credit management successfully.

We help you:

  • to improve your payment terms and invoicing process;
  • to analyse your customer portfolio;
  • to take your operational excellence to an even higher level;
  • to offset your losses on debtors through an optimised credit insurance policy;
  • to finance your assets.

Taking this holistic approach sets us apart in the marketplace. What we do is guarantee you the most appropriate credit insurance policy, on the best terms, while at the same time also optimising your credit management in full.

To achieve that aim, we invest in the design and development of new products and services that are focused on specific needs. For example, we introduced KOi+ to the market. KOi+ is a credit management audit that compares all of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your credit management with other companies in a very time-efficient way.

To strengthen our competitive position, we are constantly striving to achieve the best service and to provide our clients with the assistance they need.