Creditworthiness analysis of customers

  • Prevention: Before supplying/supplying services to your customer, a creditworthiness check is carried out on the basis of both official data (annual accounts or trade information reports) and the credit insurer's own information (sector knowledge or information about the debtor's payment behaviour).
  • Monitoring: during the term of the policy, the creditworthiness of your customers is monitored. You will be kept informed of all possible factors that may influence the creditworthiness of your customer.

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Accounts Receivable

Credit insurance offers a framework to optimally organise your debtor management (invoicing, follow-up payment of invoices, etc.).

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Debt collection

You can call on the amicable and legal collection service of the credit insurer if your invoices are not paid on time.

Compensation for losses

If your customer is in a state of declared or suspected insolvency and the payment of your invoices is not forthcoming, the credit insurer will pay you compensation for the losses incurred.

Consult a credit insurance specialist.

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