CollendaCredit management made easy

CollendaS4Dunning optimises your credit management. Its strength lies in the simplicity with which this user-friendly software application supports both complex systems and simple procedures.

  • You get your money faster. And that improves your working capital
  • You save time
  • You can always keep track of outstanding balances and every other aspect of your credit management. Even out of the office, with a handy app

Time savings through ease of use

S4Dunning is easy to set up and manage. Thanks to the clear user interface, you can configure everything yourself (letters, reminders and profiles).

  • Convenient navigation
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Available in 7 languages
Anywhere, any time with the practical app

The S4Dunning app gives you an overview of your credit management, no matter where you are in the world.

The app also keeps your sales department colleagues up to date on any outstanding balances, payment arrangements, etc., so you can involve them in the collection process.

Customer retention through intelligent segmentation

S4Dunning not only makes your credit management more efficient and effective through time-saving workflows, but also strengthens the relationship you have with your debtors.

With structured processes and intelligent segmentation for tailor-made communication plans, you can steer your customers towards prompter payments.

Improved cash flow

Optimising your credit management has a beneficial impact on your DSO and therefore on your cash flow and working capital.

And faster settlement reduces your collection and interest costs. Investing in S4Dunning therefore quickly pays for itself.

Integration with accounting or ERP applications

By linking S4Dunning to your accounting or ERP application, outstanding invoices are entered automatically.

You can also offer your debtors various online payment options in your payment reminders.

Secure SaaS platform

S4Dunning runs on Collenda's ISO27001-certified cloud platform. Your customer data are therefore optimally secured.

Collenda: expert in credit management software

Collenda has been developing debt collection software for more than 25 years. Hundreds of companies, banks and collection agencies throughout Europe rely on Collenda's digital solutions.

Collenda's proven track record and client base - and above all the convenience and power of S4Dunning - have already won us over. Ask us for a demo and see for yourself.

Collenda: expert in credit management software

Simplify your credit management.

For a clearer overview and significantly faster credit management: rely on the Collenda S4Dunning software application, which we have chosen for our customers.

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