Media and publications

Media and publications

Below is a list of publications of interest for credit managers. The list includes news articles and CRiON’s own publications about credit management and credit insurance. The publications are in date sequence, from new to old.

If you have any questions about these publications, you can always talk to CRiON directly on: +32 (0)

Credit Insurance in Europe

CEPS Centre For European Policy Studies

Commercial credit is a basic element of business transactions in market economies. The majority of commercial transactions are carried out on the basis of credit. But as shown by the study, there are important differences between national credit insurance markets in the EU: the development of credit insurance within the European Union is very uneven, varying from well developed and established markets, such as is found in the Netherlands, Germany, France or Spain, to other countries where credit insurance is less significant. 

Credit Today UK

From crisis to an age of innovation

What can we learn from a crisis in the field of credit insurance? To answer this, AON-CRiON set up the Credit Management Think Tank 2015 - 2020.
The think tank tries to offer creative solutions in credit management and credit insurance and seeks to find answers that can serve as a bridge between the needs of the business world and solutions from providers.

White Paper: Credit or Crisis? The future of Credit Insurance

Think Tank Credit Insurance

A crisis gives you the chance to make better choices. Based on that background, CRiON created a Think Tank, where credit managers of multinationals, academics and representatives of professional organisations critically reflected on the needs and requirements of a company at credit management level. The Think Tank and CRiON examined the product credit insurance and brainstormed on innovation and product improvements. CRiON organised a Trade Credit conference where 180 credit management professionals debated the future of credit insurance and credit management. The results of the brainstorming sessions in the Think Tank and the debates at the conference are compiled in this White Paper.