Commercial Finance


Commercial Finance

So, business is good and your company is growing… but the funds you have tied up with debtors are growing, too. If your working capital requirements are increasing, a commercial finance contract may offer a solution, whereas finance obtained from factoring can grow at the same pace as your outstanding invoices.
Commercial finance, or factoring, is a form of financing generated by your outstanding invoices. It is also a way of transferring the collection of your unpaid invoices to people who specialise in that field. The factor, as the party taking over your invoices is known, then becomes responsible for debtor administration, pre-financing and covering unpaid invoice.
Outsourcing all of these activities to a factor saves you valuable time and also means that you receive your funds immediately.

You can also opt to use just some of the factor’s services. Maybe you’d like to transfer all of your debtor management to a factor, or perhaps just a part? Or what about using the factor’s risk cover, or having no risk cover at all, or taking out your own credit insurance policy? How to you want to finance your business? And what sort of reporting do you want?

Working capital finance is one of the areas in which CRiON specialises. We can draw on our experience in debtor management and advise you which factoring services are best suited to your needs. CRiON will examine your requirements and produce a market analysis for you. This will create a combination of factoring services geared to the specific situation, sector and stage of development of your business.

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