Classic credit insurance

Your credit insurance broker, CRiON, supports you

Having credit insurance guarantees you against your customers defaulting on their payments to you. Credit insurance is also proactive. After all, prevention is better than cure. A credit insurance policy helps you to limit the risk of unpaid invoices by analysing the creditworthiness of your customers. So if things go wrong, you will still be paid, thanks to your credit insurance.

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Not every credit insurance policy is the same. And not every credit insurance policy will meet your specific needs. Which is why CRiON will produce a market comparison survey of the various credit insurers for you, free of charge. And we will do this even if you are already insured via another broker, or directly with a credit insurance provider!

  • proactive comparison of your policy terms with market conditions
  • prompt intervention in the event of credit limit problems
  • an alert approach and follow-up on your claims, aimed at achieving a fast payout
  • alternative debt collection solutions
  • development and control of contract terms and annexes
  • optimised debtor management
  • an examination of your general terms and conditions of sale
  • training for your staff who are responsible for debtor monitoring
  • international insurance programmes for all your subsidiaries worldwide
  • alternative risk financing

Our policies

To enable us to offer you the best credit insurance at all times, we constantly monitor the offering provided by credit insurers worldwide. We compare their policy terms and screen their services.
General Terms and Conditions are the foundation of any contract, but they also need to be supplemented by specific conditions. The specific conditions are tailored for your company and can be developed through the expertise of CRiON.

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