Credit management training

A sound investment in the knowledge of your employees

As a specialist in credit management CRiON, offers a range of high-quality training courses. These training can be targeted at groups or individuals and can be given either “in-company” at your office, or at CRiON. We adjust the level of the training to your requirements: basic courses for juniors, refresher courses or advanced training. CRiON can also guide young talent over the longer term until they reach the required level.

A standard credit management training is composed up of the following building blocks:

  • what is credit management? what is the aim and importance of it?
  • what are the various components of credit management in your company?
  • what role can you and your colleagues play in each of the credit management components?
Credit management training

Our approach

We go through the whole credit management process, placing different emphasis on content, depending on the target audience and the approach required. We also process the information from from a privious audit or analysis to create examples and case studies. TWe also provide follow-up. The training can also be very practical: balance sheet analysis, defining internal credit limits, effective debt collection, etc.

The benefits for you

  • the training places the right emphasis, because an audit or similar analysis is carried out beforehand based on interviews
  • the content is based on the point of view of the target audience: what is their role in credit management?
  • the examples are based on your experience with customers and on your figures
  • a highly practical and interactive training
  • the importance of your objectives is explained in a clear, uncomplicated way 

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