Examining your credit management in a cost efficient way

Implementing an effective debtor policy is crucial for optimising your working capital. The question is how you do it. Do you limit yourself to keeping an eye on average days sales outstanding (DSO) or do you dig deeper? Because having the numbers at your fingertips is key. And the more detailed you are, the better targeted your action plans can be and the stronger the results achieved.
That much you already know, of course. It’s just that you don’t have the time and resources to do it. As a hard-working business-owner or credit manager, you and your employees don’t have the time to constantly monitor all the aspects of your credit management.


Not enough time – practical recommendations

To enable you to screen your credit management in a minimum amount of time, we have developed KOi+. This scientifically based method of analysis provides you with an easy way of measuring every aspect of your credit management. We then compare the measured results with the scores of leading reference companies. Even more: the report that you receive from us not only tells you how you score in every aspect of your credit management, but also how much and how far you differ from the norm.

We also make practical recommendations. So you not only find out about the points where your credit management can be improved, but also how to do it. And these valuable insights require almost no investment. Thanks to the unique KOi+ method, you don’t need to make more than one day free. For a company site, the fee charged by our advisers to assist you and your employees in carrying out a KOi+ and for producing and presenting a report with practical recommendations is a maximum of 4 days’ consulting fee per business site.

Some of our references include Balta, Bekaert, Daikin, Recticel, Unilin, etc.

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