Our raison d'etreRealising your business ambitions

Entrepreneurship is about taking risks. The extent to which you manage those risks makes the difference between success and failure.

So CRiON has one simple mission: to ensure that entrepreneurs like you can take calculated risks.

We identify potential credit and other business risks and provide solutions to cover them appropriately. In this way, we help you to realise your ambitions.

Our expertiseMore than 25 years’ experience

As an independent credit insurance broker and credit management consultant, we have been a partner for entrepreneurs and managers worldwide since 1994.

Our 20 employees support more than 850 companies at home and abroad. Our independence guarantees them the best solutions.

Aon Credit Solutions, an international network

CRiON is part of the Aon Credit Solutions business arm, which specialises in credit insurance solutions and operates in more than 50 countries.

This enables us to set up and manage international credit insurance programmes for multinationals and/or their subsidiaries.

Meet the team

Our expertise

Our solutionsMore than just credit insurance

We not only guarantee you the most appropriate credit insurance policy under the best conditions, we also optimise every aspect of your credit management.

CRiON offers you tailor-made innovative solutions to help you:

  • improve your payment terms and sales conditions
  • analyse your customer portfolio and accurately assess credit risks
  • recover your losses on debtors thanks to an effective debt collection policy
  • finance your outstanding receivables
  • optimise your credit management procedures
  • train your staff
  • in short, to raise your credit management to an (even) higher level

Our solutions

Our partners

To offer you the best solutions, we not only draw on the expertise and experience of our consultants. We also rely on carefully selected partners with whom we have built up a valuable network of expertise.



Umicore expects more than just traditional broking services from CRiON.
What we want is an independent approach with international service.

Your customised solution.

Your business ambitions are unique. So our first step is to listen to what you have to say.

Contact us now for a tailor-made solution. For optimal control of your credit risk and maximum enhancement of your credit management. So you can grow safely and with peace of mind.

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