Avoid reduction or withdrawal of the credit limit

Credit insurance offers cover against non-payment and thus facilitates granting credit terms to the buyer. The credit insurer permanently monitors the creditworthiness of the buyer which may result in a reduction or a withdrawal of the credit limit. As a result, you’ll be forced to renegotiate payment conditions, ask for advanced payment or stop any further business relationship. All this may have a serious impact on your trading activity.

CRiON offers you their advice and supports you in getting credit insurance solutions based on non-cancellable limits.

Non-cancellable credit limits in a nutshell

The non-cancellable credit limit will not be withdrawn nor reduced by the insurer during a predefined period (up to maximum 12 months). If ever the buyer’s situation would get worse, or if the sector would be at risk, your correct trading history with the buyer will be saved from immediate cutting of cover as the insurer cannot change the confirmed cover at any time.

Similar solutions are not offered by all the credit insurers. CRiON knows the market and knows where to find them.

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Non-cancellable credit limits allow us to realise more business

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