Why working capital finance?Your benefits

A surety from a credit insurer (instead of your bank) and/or the financing of your outstanding receivables by a factor can both increase your working capital.

They also release capacity in your bank credit lines. So you can use your bank financing to the full to finance your business activity.

Why working capital finance?

Why CRiON?Our advantages

360° approach

Credit management is much more than just the management of credit risk. We provide you with a wide range of solutions to increase your working capital.

Inhouse expertise

Working capital finance, though often complex, has no secrets for our credit management consultants. They will be happy to share their expertise with you.

Expert network

CRiON is familiar with financial service providers around the world who offer the solutions that allow your working capital to grow.

Tailored approach

Not a standard solution, but working capital financing tailored to your needs: we can work it out for you.

Our solutions for working capital finance

Credit insurance surety

A surety or guarantee gives your business partner the certainty that you will fulfil your obligations. Should you fail to do so, the guarantor will compensate your partner.

Your credit insurer can also provide a surety. Your credit insurer's high credit standing also gives your business partner extra confidence.


If you transfer (some of) your outgoing invoices to a factor, the factor will immediately pay you the invoice amounts and recover them from your customers on the invoice due date.

A factor can not only pre-finance, but also take care of debtor administration and risk cover. If you need it, that is. We create tailored factoring solutions.

Reverse factoring

You can also transfer incoming invoices to a factor. The factor then pays your supplier immediately and does not collect your payment until the invoice due date.

Because your supplier is paid straight away, you can negotiate better purchase conditions and thus strengthen your liquidity.

Receivables based financing

Reputable banks call upon our experts to screen the entire receivables portfolio of the customers to whom they offer receivables-based financing.

You too can benefit from this expertise. Our credit management consultants will be happy to advise you about this special form of working capital finance.

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Steven Ponnet Group Credit Manager, AGC

We look for creative and innovative solutions in credit management. CRiON provides these and also offers a personal approach.

Talk to a working capital finance specialist.

Your financing needs are unique. So our first step is to listen to what you have to say.

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