Why expand your credit management expertise?Your benefits

In an ever-faster changing world, knowledge and skills are very important. The business with the best insights is best armed to face the newest challenges.

You can best gain these insights through practice-oriented and interactive training courses and events where other credit managers share their experiences with you.

Why expand your credit management expertise?

Why turn to CRiON?Our advantages

Something for everyone

A beginner or an expert in credit management? Our wide range of events and training courses is sure to have something for you.

A focus on practice

We start from your practical experiences. And we inspire you with the best practices of others.


Our speakers and coaches share their experience with you. And they show the way for you and the other participants to do the same.

In-company too

If you wish, our consultants will provide on-site training and one-on-one coaching in your company.

From Start2 to Master2Training courses that match your level of experience

Whether you’re just starting out in credit management or are already an experienced credit manager, we have something for everyone, because we offer both starter courses and masterclasses.

Whichever course you choose, based on your level of experience, we will not only provide you with a theoretical background, but– and above all – numerous practical examples and exercises.

You will be taught by very experienced teachers, who will share all of their tips and tricks with you with great enthusiasm. From Start2 to Master2, there is so much for you to learn, from the practical experiences of teachers and other course participants alike.

From Start2 to Master2

Credit Management ConnectWhere credit managers can meet and ideas can grow

Struggling with a credit management issue? Curious to find out how others put their credit management into practice? You’ll find the answers you’re looking for in the Credit Management Connect.

The Credit Management Connect is a community in which the members share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

Hear credit management experts and other specialists speak at network events and webinars as they explain best practices and the latest developments in credit management, while presenting practical testimonials and case studies.

As a member of the Credit Management Connect, you can exchange your own experiences and insights with others, while also expanding your professional network.

Credit Management Connect

We come to youIn-company training

Save time by not needing to travel to our training centre? Ask us about our on-site training.

Boost the effective of a course with one-on-one coaching? We can do that, too. Ask us for a tailor-made proposal.

We come to you

Our range of events and training courses

End of Year Reception

Credit Management Connect


18:30 - 23:00

On invitation

Our partners

To offer you the best solutions, we not only draw on the expertise and experience of our consultants. We also rely on carefully selected partners with whom we have built up a valuable network of expertise.


A participant testifies

CRiON Academy provides inspiration for improving practices in my day-to-day credit management. Plus it's a great opportunity to network with other credit management professionals.

Prefer a training tailor-made for you?.

Your business ambitions are unique. So our first step is to listen to what you have to say.

Contact us now for a tailor-made solution. For optimal control of your credit risk and maximum enhancement of your credit management. So you can grow safely and with peace of mind.

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