Why digitise your credit management?Your benefits

The right digital solutions can simplify your general credit management. And the management of your credit insurance policy and your quote-to-cash cycle in particular.

This can save a lot of time. Time that you can use to focus more and better on your core business.

Why digitise your credit management?

Why CRiON?Our advantages

Only the best

We have chosen the best applications for you from the countless solutions on offer.

Putting users first

In our selection, we were mainly guided by the functionality, ease of use and flexibility of the applications. So we can guarantee you genuine gains in time and efficiency.

Full support

From analysing your needs to implementing the most appropriate application.

Tailored approach

We configure the chosen application to your own credit management needs. And train your staff in how to use it.

When you can’t see the woods for the treesOnly the best

It is hard to monitor the number of credit management applications on offer. So CRiON has critically reviewed the many solutions on your behalf, selecting the best in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

We have made extensive use of the applications we so carefully picked out. So our advisors are thoroughly familiar with them. They can configure them to meet your needs and train your staff in how to use them.

When you can’t see the woods for the trees

Our digital solutions


The AiVidens platform analyses customer payment behaviour and default risk. It also predicts when your customers will pay their invoices.


This digital tool provides smooth management of the whole order-to-cash cycle:

  • credit rating analysis
  • credit limits
  • e-invoicing
  • cashflow forecasting
  • collection
  • reporting & analysis


With this free online scan you can easily measure how far your credit management has already been digitalised.

More importantly, by benchmarking against other companies, you can quickly discover what (else) you can digitise.


This is the unique solution that CRiON's parent organisation Aon exclusively offers our customers.

This application simplifies the management of your credit insurance policy, maximises your credit limits and does much more.

SAP Credit Management

Rely on our experienced consultants for the flawless implementation of SAP Credit Management.

With their credit management experience and a thorough analysis of your own particular circumstances, they can offer:

  • customised configuration for seamless integration of your credit management in SAP
  • on-site training for all users

Stefan Persoons IT & Systems Manager, Antargaz

With all the relevant data in one place, Order2Cash gives us a totally transparent overview of all of the interactions we have with our customers.

Talk to an expert in credit management digitisation.

Your credit management is unique. So our first step is to listen to what you have to say.

Contact us now to discuss the applications that greatly simplify your credit management in general - and your credit insurance policy and quote-to-cash cycle in particular.

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