We are happy to share our expertise with you

Our employees have many years of experience in credit management. We have built up a network of experts. Among others that takes the form of the Credit Management Think Tank, where academics and entrepreneurs brainstorm the future of credit management.

We are happy to share the valuable expertise we have accumulated with you. Below, you can find a number of publications that will certainly inspire you to optimise your credit management.

Book CRI mock up best practices

Best practices in credit management

CFOs and credit managers give examples from their practical experience. Their inspiring stories are interspersed with insights from credit insurers and others.

Book CRI mock up code of conduct NL

Code of Conduct for Credit Insurance Sector

The Credit Management Think Tank initiated by CRiON has drawn up a code of conduct to which all credit insurers subscribe. This has encouraged them to strengthen their services still further.

Whitepaper CRI mock up credit or crisis

Credit or Crisis

A useful reference work on documentary credit. With explanations of theoretical concepts. And above all: inspiring practical testimonials.

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