A cost-efficient approach to your credit managementEasily and quickly completed with KOi+

The numbers tell the tale! And those who have detailed metrics create more focused action plans and achieve better results. As you know. Only, you lack the time and resources.

As a busy entrepreneur or credit manager, you and your staff just don't have the time to permanently monitor every aspect of your credit management.

That’s why we developed KOi+

A cost-efficient approach to your credit management
Low time investment

A KOi+ screening takes just one day. You and your staff do not need to prepare or document anything in advance.

Guided self-assessment

Carefully chosen staff in your organisation evaluate your credit management process in a structured way, guided by an experienced CRiON consultant.

Scientifically supported

We developed KOi+ in collaboration with university researchers who are experts in organisational efficiency analysis through self-assessment.


You will not only learn how you score on each part of your credit management, but also how this differs from what best-in-class companies do.

Practical recommendations

We give you a clear report explaining how to tackle the areas for improvement in practice. We offer you practical solutions.


A customer testifies Balta

KOi+ showed us clearly which aspects of our credit management we could use to achieve quick wins.

Screen your credit management quickly and easily with KOi+.

Your credit management is unique. So our first step is to listen to what you have to say.

Contact our advisors to screen and benchmark your credit management quickly and thoroughly with the unique KOi+ analysis tool.

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